Vitkovice Milmet S.A. is a company with many years of tradition and over 130 years of experience on the market. We are an innovative and dynamic leader in the production of compressed gas cylinders, liquefied gas cylinders and cylinders for methane, hydrogen and biofuels for the automotive industry. Vitkovice Milmet S.A. is part of the Cylinders Holding capital group and is constantly taking action to be better than the competition. The products we manufacture have a wide range of applications in various human activities.
The company hires over 500 employees. You can also be part of our team.

If you decide to work with us, you will receive:

  • Stable employment based on the employment contract
  • Friendly work atmosphere
  • The opportunity to raise qualifications through participation in trainings financed by the employer
  • “PZU” group insurance (on preferential terms - financed by an employee)
  • Christmas bonuses, allowances, summer camps for children, trips for employees
  • The possibility of internal promotions
  • Rewards for ideas improving work in the company
  • The opportunity to gain valuable experience
  • Apprenticeship bonus and anniversary bonus for seniority in the company


Company Vitkovice Milmet S.A. provides its candidates with fair and clear recruitment and employment rules. Recruitment of candidates for job is carried out by the manager / head of Department. Submitted job offers are subject to initial selection by the HR Department, the final selection and selection of offers meeting the determined criteria is made by the Head of the Department. This person is later responsible for a job interview with you.

Send your CV to:
Come to an interview with
a potential supervisor
Take the necessary medical examinations (paid by the employer)
Submit with
necessary documents*
Sign a contract of employment.

Welcome to our team!


*Documents necessary to start a job:

  • copies of work certificates from previous jobs
  • copy of the last school graduating certificate
  • 1 photo
  • copies of certificates of completed courses, trainings
  • copies of certificates -authorizations etc.
  • other documents necessary to calculate the time of job seniority
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