Development work 7. 12. 2022

Development work

Vitkovice Milmet S.A., as part of development work aimed at increasing care for the quality and cleanliness of the interior of high-pressure cylinders, has expanded its capabilities to perform laboratory tests in that regard. Analysis are carried out using the world's most modern Axioscope 7 Microscope by ZEISS, equipped with accessories enabling automated measurement of cleanliness based on computer image acquisition and measurement of impurity particles remaining on the membrane filter during filtration of the extraction liquid used in a specially designed device for agitating impurities on the inner surface of the cylinder.

These operations are dedicated to the analysis of cylinders produced in the newly created part of the production department for medical and food purposes. For this sector of high-pressure cylinder applications, the cleanliness of the interior is parameter no. 1, which puts our company at the forefront of the world in this field.

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