Dear business partner 20. 3. 2020

Dear business partner, 

           Like all companies, we follow the development of COVID-19 virus with concern. We make effort to maintain our production capacity in order to provide deliveries.

          The situation is changing dynamically, and we will keep you informed about all eventual changes in our company.

          Taking into account that current ongoing situation is unpredictable, It stays obvious that needs in the field of “medical gases” sector will increase. This also applies to the products we are suppling which are high pressure steel cylinders for medical gases. Especially in current situation we want to be able  to supply efficient quantity of products and services. Hence our request – If you have any needs in this field, please contact immediately with our sales department: Earlier notification allows us to plan our production in mentioned, directed way and to reduce the delivery time of our products.

Cylinders Holding a.s.
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